The many uses of cannabis: from cooking to fashion

Over the past few years, cannabishttps:// hasbecomehttps.something of a polarizing product, being on the one hand advertised as a sort of panacea that can cure all ills, while on the other, reviled and blamed for a plethora of various afflictions which are also frequently exaggerated. The truth is somewhere in the middle, and while more research is needed to determine the true impact this plant can have on the human body, there’s no denying the fact that it can have some genuine benefits for its users. And while it cannot replace traditional treatments and medicine, it can definitely act as an addition and provide the body with some extra protection.

If you’ve been wondering about how you could use cannabis, here are some of the most common and well-known that prove exactly how versatile it can be.


Those who use cannabis for recreational use know that it can provide almost instantaneous relaxation, so if you’ve been dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety lately, you might want to incorporate it into your routine. The blueberry strain has a unique aroma, blending fruity flavors with woody notes, providing you with a taste reminiscent of mango, grapefruit, and, of course, blueberry. Being able to relax is a must for a healthy and happy life, but sometimes, it can be challenging to achieve without some extra help.

Better sleep 

Sleep deprivation and chronic deficiency will cause you to feel tired and drowsy throughout the day, but its effects can be more insidious than that. Although these effects might only become visible after years of not sleeping well, it’s best to prioritize rest as it will reduce your incidence of developing high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney or heart disease. Lack of sleep can also worsen the symptoms of depression and lead to metabolic syndrome, a condition that can cause cardiovascular disease. The Northern lights strain will relieve insomnia so that sleepless nights and endless tossing and turning become a thing of the past.


Incorporating Cannabis plant in meals and snacks might seem like the last thing you’d want to do, but there’s a lot of potential for delicious dishes when using it as an ingredient. And yes, there’s more to cooking with cannabis than just the classic brownies. Making homemade cannabutter should be one of the first things you try because it can be used further as an ingredient in both savory dishes and baked products. Since so many recipes use butter as an ingredient, there is virtually no limit to the ways in which you could integrate cannabutter. Combine with some caramel sauce and orange zest for delicious cakes, add seeds to smoothies and infuse your olive oil with cannabis to put a spin on salads and aglio e olio pasta.


Hemp and marijuana are essentially the same species, with the only difference between the two being the THC content. While hemp has seen increasing use in recent years as a meat substitute owing to its high-protein, low-carb characteristics, its primary use has been as a textile. Hemp clothing is highly durable and resistant while at the same time being incredibly soft and comfortable. Clothes made from hemp can last for years and even decades when properly looked after, with some suggesting that it is approximately three times stronger than cotton. It has an organic, natural look, so those who prefer brighter hues and shades aren’t likely to become fans. However, if that’s not something that bothers you, you’ll also be glad to hear that hemp clothes are perfect for the summer since they provide optimal airflow and keep you cool even during the most torrid days. Hemp is also more sustainable than many of its alternatives, requiring much less water and being resistant to pests.


The skincare industry has become much more prominent over the past few years, and the market has evolved to include an endless array of products so that all buyers can find something that suits their skin type. There’s also a product out there for every single skin concern or complaint, and many people have developed extensive skincare routines that include at least ten steps. Naturally, cannabis has been included as an ingredient in a wide array of products owing to its anti-inflammatory products. It can help reduce the effects of eczema, particularly itching and redness, and promote wound healing. Its antibacterial properties also make it appropriate as a part of anti-acne treatments. Cannabinoids can also be added to lip balms, eye creams, toothpaste and pain relief gels and creams.


Some pet owners choose to treat their pets with cannabis as well, and although the studies on the subject are very sparse and more research is necessary, anecdotal evidence shows that it can work to speed up the healing process in both cats and dogs. Pets can use it to alleviate the inflammation and pain that come with arthritis, make coats stronger and shinier, soothe allergic reactions, increase appetite, and promote overall wellness and health. Ensuring your pet benefits from higher quality of life and lives a more content life are the top priorities of all pet parents. However, make sure to talk to the vet in order to get the dosage right, depending on your pet’s weight and unique requirements. Their medical history is also noteworthy. 


You might be surprised to see that cannabis can be used to create a bonsai, but this practice has been steadily gaining notoriety among those who enjoy growing and nurturing plants as a hobby. The growing process of this miniature tree is the same as that of all the other bonsai, so if you’re not familiar with the process, you’ll have to do your research. Just make sure your plants get plenty of warmth, light and water to thrive, and you can enjoy taking care of your unique bonsai for a very long time.

While cannabis has something of a divisive reputation and more research is needed to uncover all of its benefits, its many use cases show that it is a highly versatile and helpful product.


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