Why You Should Try the Lychee Perfume Scent This Year

The best part about perfumes is the sheer variety—from woodsy to floral to tropical to everything in between. It’s all about finding that sweet spot between what works for your individual scent and personal taste. If you are a tropical/aquatic girlie or just want to try something clean and new, then maybe it is time to stop and sample a bit of lychee perfume. This is one of those not-so-common scents, so your trepidation is justified. However, it is just as great as your old faithfuls, and you will love it. Let’s look at why lychee perfume should become a staple in your perfume collection, shall we?

The Alluring Scent of Lychee

Want to remind people of their favorite holiday in Mexico or a beach in Miami? That’s lychee perfume for you! The fragrance of freshly spritzed lychee perfume on your skin is light, fruity, and deliciously tangy!

You may think that the first spray is the best part, but once the perfume has started to dry down and the aromatic and floral part of the perfume starts to form, it gets so much better! The lychee’s sweet aroma starts mingling with the soft and subtle floral—perfect for sunny, summer days and balmy, warm evenings.

Lychee perfume is not all about just smelling good; it is a sensorial experience that acts like the tardis in Doctor Who and allows you to travel in time to your favorite memory of a bygone tropical adventure. Or it helps transport you to a future vacation that you are hoping to turn into a reality. And if it does not evoke memories of travel–past or future –it simply makes you feel upbeat, refreshed, and like you are walking on sunshine all day long, which can come in handy in those dreary winter months!

The Perfect Every Season Fragrance

When it’s summertime, it really should feel like summertime to all your senses! Lychee perfume is an amazing summer fragrance!  It’s light, vaporous, and easy to wear, a fragrance that develops and evolves in a warm and sunny climate. 

Lychee fragrance is indeed best to wear in summer.  But there is no restriction on using it in other seasons. Actually, we recommend it. Do you know seasonal depression is an actual thing? Especially when all you have been experiencing for months on end is endless gray skies! So how about putting on some lychee perfume to brighten your mood during those not-so-bright snowy seasons?

Versatility and Layering

The best thing about lychee perfume is that it is versatile. You can wear it individually or combine it with other scents for a bolder and richer smell. For example, combining lychee with vanilla perfume to create a sweet, amber-tone structure generates a warm and cozy fragrance for long winter days. 

An additional example is to combine citrus perfumes instead to create a fun and refreshing lychee perfume—ideal for sunny days with bracing breezes. Further, the top-note fragrance of the lychee perfume mixes well with other fruity and floral fragrances such as raspberries, peonies, and roses to have you smelling good and fresh all day long!

The Appeal of Lychee Perfume

The sweetness, freshness, and hint of floral in lychee perfume makes it one of the more nuanced and great choices to add to any perfume collection. While it is subtle and adaptive, you better believe it packs a punch, all while making you feel good in whatever season you find yourself in!


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