Everest Base Camp Trek with Children: Family-Friendly Adventures in the Khumbu Valley

When you think of Everest base camp, you automatically think of one of the most challenging treks you might be making in your life, even as an expert. For most people, it can even be unimaginable to take their children along on a trek like this one in a location that has been deemed one of the most challenging ones.

However, the Everest base camp trek can be completely safe for children and those who are above the appropriate trekking age. Also we have another option like Everest trek and return by helicopter, which is little shorter and  comfortable trip in the Everest region.

This trek is not only going to involve trekking with a big group of trekkers but also those who have been least considered for a trek to Everest base camp.

Make sure to read till the end of this article to know more about family-friendly adventures in the Khumbu Valley or how you can go on the Everest base camp trek with children!

Highlights of Everest base camp trek with family

Since you will be going to Khumbu Valley with your family, many aspects of the typical Everest base camp trek won’t be explored during the trek. But, you won’t be missing out on lots of adventurous experiences because there are just as many adventures, fun, and memorable moments that you can find during the family-friendly trek to Everest base camp as you do in the basic Everest base camp trek.

Some of the major highlights of this trek are:

Panoramic view

When you go to the Everest base camp with your family, then you are going to come through the most spectacular view you ever can in your lifetime. Everest base camp is quite possibly one of the most popular base camps in the world. Moreover, it is the base camp for the tallest mountain in the world. Therefore, you won’t be missing out on the views of snowy mountains, dry yet naturally stricken landscapes, unique flora and fauna abundance, and glacial rivers.

Wildlife variety

There is going to be a great range of animals and birds that you’ll find in Khumbu Valley. Visitors are likely to not find the same species in any other parts of the world. Therefore, this factor visits Everest base camp, and especially some major parts of the Khumbu valley, an exceptional experience when it comes to exploration.

Cultural immersion

While adults are enchanted by the cultural richness of the Khumbu region at all times, taking kids on this trek is going to make them familiar with the different and unique cultures in Nepal. The Sherpa culture is the major cultural aspect that has influenced the Khumbu valley. There is no better influence of the Sherpa culture in any other place in Nepal than the Khumbu region. Therefore, cultural immersion is one of the highlights that will keep the children engaged in not only the natural but also the ethnic beauty of the valley.

Rural way of life

Most families living in urban areas do not know how it feels to live and survive in the more rural parts of the world. Therefore, you and your family will get to experience a rural way of life when they are on the Khumbu Valley trek. Khumbu Valley is one of the most rural and least developed places in Nepal with the most adventurous elements to explore. Therefore, you won’t only be experiencing the beauty of nature but also will be learning about the way of life of people and how living in a rural place can be in comparison to your usual lifestyle.

Accomplished feeling

While adult trekkers are likely to feel a sense of success during this trek, it is more than likely for young and even older trekkers to feel like they have achieved something major. Everest base camp trek is one of the most considered trekking destinations all around the world. Therefore, a feeling of accomplishment is likely to make the trekkers feel confident not only during but even after the trek ends.

Best time to go to Everest base camp trek with kids

The best times to go to Everest base camp with kids on a trek are spring and fall. During these two seasons, the temperature is neither too hot nor too cold. The children are going to feel comfortable when they don’t have to struggle against the weather, season, and conditions in an off-season. While young adults and adults can survive extreme conditions of the Khumbu Valley during summer, winter, and even monsoon, it is hard to imagine someone who is not of the appropriate trekking age to survive the same conditions.

During spring and fall, the parents can also manage the right types and amount of clothes and shoes for their children to wear. And, the kids can be as comfortable as possible even when they have to walk a distance they wouldn’t have to otherwise.

Safety measures for Khumbu Valley Trek with children

Going to Khumbu Valley with children is not a joke. One must be very mindful as to what safety measures they are to take to ensure both comfort and safety among themselves as well as the children. Some of the basic safety measures to keep in mind for the Khumbu Valley trek with children are:


While adults always carry a water bottle with them, there is a big chance that you won’t find drinking water in any parts of the Everest base camp trek. Therefore, it is necessary to have your children carry their water bottles. This is going to ensure that they stay hydrated and active throughout the trek.

Nutritious food

The children must be fed nutritious meals when they are on a trek to Khumbu Valley. Keeping the young children fully fed with healthy food will ensure that they feel energetic throughout the trek. It is just as important to stay mindful of the amount you feed the kids. Overeating or eating less than necessary is going to make them nauseous, weak, and uncomfortable which may further lead to unavoidable health problems.

Porters and Guides

While an adult can easily complete a trek without hiring a porter and guide for their solo or group trek, taking a child or children with you necessitates taking along porters and guides. This means you cannot trek without precautions from a third-party professional other than you and your trekking partners. You will also be able to carry extra loads for the children and be guided towards the easiest routes with the help of porters and guides.

Training the children mentally and physically

The Everest base camp trek is likely going to be one of the most challenging treks that a child can ever go to. Henceforth, it is important to train the children both mentally and physically beforehand. Doing this will make them confident about what they are getting themselves into. Also, familiarize them with the trails by taking them on walks and short hikes to places that are not quite easily accessible by young children, in general.

Sleep and acclimatization

Even adults tend to feel uneasy during a trek when they don’t sleep or acclimatize properly. Everest base camp is situated in one of the highest places in the world. Moreover, the altitude of the Khumbu Valley itself is high enough to make a person sick. This means the children need to be made aware of the necessity of sleep, adequate rest, and acclimatization. When young children know about altitude sickness and the drawbacks of being careless on a trek, they will try to be as careful as possible on the trek.

Frequent communication and supervision

When you don’t talk to the children on the trek, they will remember the pain in their bodies or recognize the challenges on the way with more attention. This is going to cause them to be overly sensitive about the conditions around them. Hence, it is necessary to keep the communication as frequent as possible. Recklessly letting the children make their own decisions during the trek is not going to help the parents either. This may lead to more chances of accidents and threats to young children. Supervising the children properly may lead to better chances of distracting them from the odd roads ahead and keeping them as motivated and guided as possible.

Pre Booking accommodation

It is not appropriate for you to rely on the odd chances of finding proper accommodation once you reach Khumbu Valley. It is always recommended to make pre-pre-booking accommodations before they start their journey. They can rely on their trekking agencies to make the booking for them. Pre-booking in a peak season is especially important when children are involved.


Trekking with family may seem impossible to many. The Everest base camp trek is going to keep one as engaged as possible but you also need to keep in mind all the odds that you may face when you have children with you. Young children are likely to not be able to go through the same conditions as adults.

Therefore, you need to be extra careful regardless of the proper accommodation, healthy food, and extra services of your family-friendly Everest base camp trek. Lastly, you will be returning home with lots of memories and stories if you take the precautions and suggestions seriously.


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