How to Ensure Your Essay is 100% Original?


When the quality of your essay improves, your grades do, too. If you aspire to be a top scorer, you’re naturally going to want to work on your writing skills to stand out with impressive essays.

One key factor that determines the success of any essay is originality. Your writing must be completely free of plagiarism, both intentional and unintentional, and showcase your credibility as a writer. However, writing an original piece is no child’s play when you are pressed for time or lack adequate citation skills and credible sources. In fact, many rely upon essay writing services online to create top-notch essays. If you are considering getting additional help to craft plagiarism-free essays, then is the site for you.

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Writing a 100% Authentic Essay from the Top – Key Insights

Even though online writing services are at your beck and call to help you avert the consequences of plagiarism, it’s wise to devote more time and focus on building stronger skills. The following suggestions will ease the process and help you hone the skills for impeccable writing.

  • Read and Take Notes

When you are skimming through the suggested reading materials and articles, it’s easy to lose track of your sources, both PDFs and electronic. The best way to save yourself from extra work is to note the sources as you read along. For instance, if you are referring to a website, note the URL in the separate notepad so that you return to it and cite it accurately. In case the source disappears, decide whether you want to keep it or discard it from your paper.

You can use tools like EndNote and Zotero to manage your sources correctly.

  • Understand the Context

Instead of simply listing the sources mindlessly, understand the main context within a source and of the source itself. The entire idea can become complex when you are dealing with online sources because you might see a context as separate from the main website and use it without completely understanding its motive. So, if you take an article that is a part of the larger source, give time to investigate and fully comprehend the context of the information before citing.

  • Plan Your Essay

You cannot write an authentic essay if you do not devote enough time to research. Research can hog up more time than your anticipation. Always budget sufficient time for finding sources, taking notes, and organizing the sources for your essay. Even a small carelessness can hamper the quality of your essay and lead to plagiarism. Be careful when incorporating ideas and languages from other sources. The grader should be able to identify what’s your credit and what belongs to other sources.

  • No Copy-Pasting Ideas

Do not copy-paste information or type verbatim sentences from direct print sources into your essay. Instead, include complete citation information of the source or the URL and the date you copied the page(s). If you are creating a separate folder for the sources you have used in the essay, use logical names to save your citation information. It will help you retrieve the files quickly and save a lot of your time and effort, and boost the credibility of your essay.

  • Be Careful with Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing means you refer to other writer’s work or ideas and explain them in your own words. The practice is more common among students than quoting because it showcases the writer’s comprehension of the topic and suggests that the whole text follows a cohesive style. Mastering the art of effective paraphrasing takes years of practice. But if you want to paraphrase a source, remember the following:

  • Read the original text several times for a thorough understanding of what you read. Highlight the primary keywords and phrases without changing their actual meaning.
  • Write the text in your own words. Make sure to change the sentence structure and the words so it is different from the original text but has a similar meaning.
  • Remember to give both in-text citations and a reference list for your readers to track the sources.


  • Avoid Procrastinating

Most students procrastinate due to the fear of failure. Writing an original piece of academic work can be intimidating even for the best students in class. The constant thought “I can’t do it” can paralyze students’ motivation and make them put off their work further. However, procrastinating until the eleventh hour will only create undue pressure. You will end up with sloppy research and make multiple mistakes in your copy. Instead, plan your research and get the required support from your professor or other staff to create a compelling essay with accurate sources.


These suggestions are tried and tested and have proven to deem results. Therefore, put them into daily practice to become more confident in developing plagiarism-free and error-free essays.


Good luck!

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