How to offer more convenience to your customers?

If customers are happy with the company, its products, and its service, then that company has the potential to touch the sky! In fact, 80% of companies today compete with each other based on customer interaction.

So, if you wish to improve your business, then you have to prioritize customer convenience. Don’t worry, though, because these great tips and tricks will help you!

1. Digital customer service

We all know the importance of physical or conventional forms of customer service, such as a sales representative showing the customers around or offering extra perks to loyal customers. But in today’s digital era, it’s very important to take note of digital forms of customer service.

For example, you can add an AI-powered chatbot on your company website that will address a user’s queries when the customer service representatives are offline.

Or, you can also address concerns on social media platforms and have a dedicated service page on each social media techydaily site.

2. Digital business cards

Business cards are also a great way to make sure that customers and potential ones never forget your company!

But if you’re still distributing paper-based cards, it’s time to try out something new. Metal cards, such as the Mobilo digital business card, can offer tonnes of information in just a simple QR code.

Some digital business cards come with an NFC chip, which when tapped against the receiver’s smartphone, will instantly transfer all the information in the chip. Creating stylish digital cards will not only make your company stand out but will also reduce a lot of reprinting costs!

3. Extended business hours

Now, this might sound incredibly difficult to do, but remember, offering customer convenience can go a long way in shaping a small business. If possible, you should always try to extend the opening hours of your business.

Your customers wish to do business with you according to their schedules, so you’ll have to prioritize their comfort.

For example, if your shop is closed on both Saturdays and Sundays, consider keeping it open on Saturdays. If that isn’t possible, make sure your website or social media pages are always available for customers to shop smoothly.

4. Fast or free shipping

Let’s face it: no customer likes overwhelmingly high prices on shipping or, even worse, late shipments!

A major factor in customer convenience is how long you take to deliver your parcels to your customers and how much each parcel costs during shipments. Partner up with freight companies that offer good discounts on bulk shipments.

Otherwise, you can offer faster delivery to customers if they agree to pay slightly more for their orders. However, most customers are willing to wait for a maximum of 5-6 days, so even with increased shipping costs, you have to maintain this deadline.

5. Self-service kiosks

Multiple companies are now turning to self-service kiosks to facilitate customer convenience, especially ones in the fast-food chain.

Since people get tired of waiting in long lines to place or pick up their orders, self-service kiosks can be the perfect platform to ensure fast and efficient orders and delivery.

Install large touchscreens that will display a list of items in stock, similar to a vending machine. It will not only surge the number of customers appreciation for faster delivery, but your staff will also benefit from the reduced workload and stress.

6. Mobile-optimized website

Sure, your website might look and feel great on a PC or laptop, but if it’s choppy or unappealing on mobile screens, you’ll have to make major changes.

A mobile-optimized website is really important today since most people prefer shopping online through smartphones. Mobile websites need to load quickly, have quick touch responses, and contain both texts and images symmetrically.

You will also have to develop the website in such a way that it’s easy for the customer to switch between the mobile site and the payment gateway to make a purchase.

7. Additional services

In a world where customers want more and more services, you can always offer them just what they want!

For example, if you run a clothing store for children, you can set up a small area in your store where children can come and play with building blocks or plush toys. Or if you own a cafe, have a separate counter for food-tasting.

The more unique your additional services are, the more convenient it will be for the customer to understand your products and buy them. Moreover, it gives the customers more reasons to keep visiting your shop!


These are just a few of the many tips you can follow to improve customer convenience! However, don’t forget to conduct regular checkups to see how well your customer experience team is doing. Keep track by making charts and graphs to see if your tactics have actually worked or not!

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