Things to Keep in Mind When Getting Your Commercial or Residential Building’s Door Keys Duplicated

Duplicating keys for your commercial or residential building requires careful consideration to ensure security and functionality. Whether you’re a business owner, property manager, or homeowner, here are the key factors to remember when getting door keys duplicated.

Things to Keep in Mind when Getting Your Building’s Door Keys Duplicated.

Here are a few important considerations for the building owners when getting door keys duplicated.

  • Choose a Reputable Locksmith

Certifications: Select a locksmith in Ware certified by recognized organizations, such as the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) in the UK. This ensures they meet industry standards.

Experience: Look for locksmiths with a proven track record and positive customer reviews. Experienced locksmiths are more likely to provide quality services.

Avoid DIY Options:

Kiosk and Automated Services: While key duplication kiosks and automated services are convenient, they may not produce precise duplicates. It’s best to rely on professional locksmiths for accurate key duplication.

  • Check Key Condition

Wear and Tear: Ensure the original key is not excessively worn or damaged. A worn key can produce a poor duplicate that might not work properly.

Cleanliness: Clean the original key to remove dirt or debris before duplication, ensuring a smooth and accurate copy.

  • Understand Key Restrictions

Legality and Permission: Some keys, particularly those for high-security locks, are restricted and cannot be duplicated without proper authorization. Check if your key has any duplication restrictions.

Manufacturer Guidelines: Refer to the lock or key manufacturer’s guidelines to determine if there are any specific requirements or restrictions for duplicating the key.

  • Quality of Key Blanks

Durable Blanks: Ensure the locksmith uses high-quality key blanks from durable materials like brass or nickel-plated brass. Low-quality blanks can wear out quickly and cause lock damage.

Correct Blank Type: Confirm that the key blank matches the original key’s type and specifications. Using the wrong blank can result in an incompatible duplicate.

  • Accuracy of the Duplication Process

Advanced Equipment: Ensure the locksmith uses modern, precise cutting equipment. Accurate cutting is crucial for the duplicate key to work smoothly.

Attention to Detail: Skilled locksmiths will pay close attention to detail, ensuring that each cut matches the original key precisely.

  • Test the Duplicate Key

Check Functionality: Test the duplicate key in the lock immediately after duplication to ensure it works correctly. Check that it inserts smoothly, turns without resistance, and locks/unlocks the door effectively.

Multiple Tests: Test the key multiple times to confirm its reliability. If any issues arise, inform the locksmith immediately for adjustments.

  • Security Considerations

Limit Copies: Track the number of duplicates made and who has access to them. Limiting the number of copies helps maintain security.

Record Keeping: Maintain a record of all duplicated keys, including who has them and their purpose. This is especially important for commercial properties.

High-Security Keys:

Enhanced Security Features: Consider using high-security keys and locks, which are harder to duplicate without proper authorization. These locks often come with patented keyways that prevent unauthorized duplication.

Key Control Systems: Implement a key control system that requires identification and authorization for key duplication, enhancing security for commercial buildings.

  • Consider Upgrading Locks

Old or Worn Locks: If your locks are old or frequently causing issues, upgrading to newer, more secure locks may be more effective than duplicate ones.

Security Enhancements: Upgrading to advanced security locks, such as electronic or smart locks, can provide better control and reduce the need for physical key duplication.

  • Cost Considerations

Quality vs. Cost: While going for the cheapest option might be tempting, investing in quality key duplication services is essential for security and functionality.

Compare Prices: Get quotes from multiple locksmiths to compare prices, but prioritize quality and reputation over cost alone.


Duplicating keys for your commercial or residential building requires careful consideration of various factors, including the choice of a locksmith in Sawbridgeworth, the condition of the original key, the quality of key blanks, and security implications. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your duplicated keys are reliable, secure, and functional, maintaining the safety and accessibility of your property.

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