A Scottish Wedding – Celebrating with Clan Fraser Tartan

Scottish weddings are known for their rich traditions, vibrant attire, and deep-rooted cultural practices. These ceremonies are a blend of historical customs and modern-day celebrations, creating a unique and memorable experience for all involved. One of the most iconic elements of a Scottish wedding is the traditional Scottish clothing, particularly the tartan, which plays a significant role in the ceremony. This article explores how the Fraser Clan Tartan, a symbol of heritage and pride, can enhance the beauty and significance of a Scottish wedding.

The Significance of Tartan in Scottish Culture

Tartan is more than just a pattern; it is a symbol of Scottish identity and heritage. Each clan has its own unique tartan, which members wear to signify their familial connections and pride. The Fraser Clan Tartan, with its distinctive red, green, and white checks, is a prime example of this tradition. Wearing the Fraser Clan Tartan at a wedding not only honors the family’s ancestry but also adds a vibrant touch to the celebration. The Fraser clan tartan has a long and storied history in Scotland, dating back to the 12th century. The clan’s tartan has evolved over the centuries, becoming a recognized symbol of the Fraser family’s legacy. The traditional Fraser Clan Tartan is known for its bold and striking design, featuring a rich combination of red and green with white accents. This tartan not only represents the clan’s heritage but also its resilience and unity.

The Role of Tartan in Weddings

In a Scottish wedding, tartan can be incorporated in various ways, from the groom’s kilt to the bridal sash. The use of the Fraser Clan Tartan can create a cohesive and visually stunning theme that ties the entire ceremony together. It is a way to honor the couple’s ancestry and bring a touch of Scottish tradition to the wedding day.

Planning a Scottish Wedding with Fraser Clan Tartan

Selecting Traditional Scottish Clothing

When planning a Scottish wedding, selecting the right traditional Scottish clothing is crucial. For the groom, this typically includes a kilt made from the Fraser Clan Tartan, paired with a sporran, a kilt pin, and a jacket. The bride can incorporate the tartan into her attire with a sash or shawl, adding a touch of the clan’s heritage to her ensemble.

The Groom’s Attire

The groom’s attire is one of the most important aspects of a Scottish wedding. A kilt made from the Fraser Clan Tartan is a bold and striking choice that showcases the groom’s heritage. Paired with a Prince Charlie jacket and a sporran, the groom’s outfit is both traditional and elegant. Accessories such as a kilt pin and sgian dubh (a small, single-edged knife) add the finishing touches to the ensemble.

The Bride’s Attire

While the bride’s attire in a Scottish wedding can vary, incorporating the Fraser Clan Tartan can add a meaningful touch. A tartan sash or shawl can be draped over the bride’s shoulder, symbolizing her connection to the clan. Some brides choose to have elements of tartan incorporated into their wedding dress design, creating a unique and personalized look.

Incorporating Tartan into the Wedding Party

The wedding party can also don the Fraser Clan Tartan to create a cohesive and visually appealing theme. Bridesmaids can wear tartan sashes or dresses with tartan accents, while groomsmen can match the groom with kilts in the Fraser Clan Tartan. This not only honors the clan’s heritage but also adds a sense of unity and tradition to the ceremony.

Decorating with Tartan

In addition to clothing, the Fraser Clan Tartan can be used to decorate the wedding venue. Tartan ribbons, tablecloths, and bunting can add a festive and personalized touch to the celebration. Incorporating the tartan into the floral arrangements, invitations, and cake design can further enhance the theme, creating a cohesive and visually stunning wedding.

Traditional Scottish Wedding Customs

The Quaich Ceremony

The Quaich, also known as the “cup of friendship,” is a traditional Scottish drinking vessel used in wedding ceremonies. During the ceremony, the bride and groom take turns drinking from the quaich, symbolizing their union and shared future. Incorporating the Fraser Clan Tartan into the quaich ceremony, such as by using a tartan ribbon to adorn the quaich, can add a personalized touch to this meaningful tradition.

The Handfasting Ceremony

Handfasting is an ancient Celtic tradition where the couple’s hands are bound together with a ribbon or cloth, symbolizing their union. Using a piece of Fraser Clan Tartan for the handfasting ceremony can add a deeply personal and meaningful element to the ritual, representing the couple’s connection to their heritage and each other.

The Scottish Piper

No Scottish wedding is complete without the sound of bagpipes. A Scottish piper can play traditional tunes as the bride walks down the aisle, during the ceremony, and at the reception. The piper can also wear the Fraser Clan Tartan, further enhancing the theme and adding a touch of Scottish tradition to the celebration.

The Role of Food and Drink in a Scottish Wedding

Traditional Scottish Cuisine

Food and drink play a significant role in a Scottish wedding. Traditional Scottish dishes such as haggis, neeps and tatties, and Scotch broth can be served to give guests a taste of Scotland. Incorporating the Fraser Clan Tartan into the presentation of the food, such as using tartan napkins or tablecloths, can add a festive and personalized touch to the meal.

The Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is a centerpiece of the celebration, and incorporating the Fraser Clan Tartan into the design can make it even more special. A cake adorned with tartan ribbons or featuring a tartan pattern can be a beautiful and meaningful addition to the wedding. Some couples choose to have a traditional Scottish black bun or a whisky-infused cake as their wedding cake, adding a unique and delicious element to the celebration.

Scottish Whisky

No Scottish wedding would be complete without a selection of fine Scottish whisky. Serving whisky to guests is a time-honored tradition, and incorporating the Fraser Clan Tartan into the whisky presentation, such as using tartan-wrapped bottles or tartan coasters, can add a personalized touch. A whisky toast to the bride and groom is a fitting way to celebrate their union and honor Scottish tradition.

Music and Dance in a Scottish Wedding

Traditional Scottish Music

Music is an integral part of a Scottish wedding, and traditional Scottish music can create a festive and celebratory atmosphere. Hiring a live band that specializes in Scottish folk music or a ceilidh band can get guests up and dancing. Incorporating the Fraser Clan Tartan into the band’s attire or the stage decorations can enhance the theme and create a visually cohesive experience.

The Ceilidh

A ceilidh is a traditional Scottish social gathering that involves dancing and music. Hosting a ceilidh at the wedding reception is a great way to get guests involved and create a lively and joyful atmosphere. The Fraser Clan Tartan can be incorporated into the dance floor decorations or the dancers’ attire, adding to the festive spirit of the celebration.

Capturing the Memories

Photography and Videography

Capturing the memories of a Scottish wedding is essential, and incorporating the Fraser Clan Tartan into the photography and videography can create a visually stunning and cohesive album. Posing with family members in their tartan attire, taking photos with tartan decorations, and capturing the tartan-adorned details of the wedding will create a beautiful and meaningful collection of memories.

Wedding Favors

Giving guests a memento of the wedding is a thoughtful gesture, and incorporating the Fraser Clan Tartan into the wedding favors can add a personalized touch. Tartan-wrapped candles, tartan keychains, or small bottles of Scottish whisky adorned with tartan ribbons are all excellent options. These favors not only serve as a reminder of the special day but also honor the couple’s heritage.


A Scottish wedding is a celebration of love, tradition, and heritage. Incorporating the Fraser Clan Tartan into the wedding can create a visually stunning and deeply meaningful experience for the couple and their guests. From the attire and decorations to the food and music, the tartan adds a touch of Scottish pride and tradition to every aspect of the celebration. By honoring their ancestry and embracing the rich customs of a Scottish wedding, couples can create a unique and memorable event that will be cherished for years to come.


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