Forget Followers, Focus on the FYP! How to Hack TikTok’s Algorithm in 2024

Today, the secret to TikTok’s success does not merely depend on the number of followers. It is about mastering the For You Page, FYP. TikTok serves itself as the vibrant stage for creators to go viral. But, at the same time, it has become more challenging for creators to be influential entities on TikTok.

Indeed, TikTok shows the highest per-post engagement rate which is 4.25%. This is the uppermost among all other famous social media channels. Remember that the content that perfectly aligns with the algorithmic approach can be featured on the For You Page.

TikTok’s algorithm has evolved enough that it may understand who wants what to watch. This is the reason TikTok has earned a population of more than 1.5 billion monthly active users from across the globe.

Wondering how to work perfectly with TikTok’s algorithm? Fret not, as this post decodes TikTok’s algorithm and guides how one can use it to reach virality across the platform. So, let’s begin your TikTok viral journey here!

What is the TikTok algorithm and how does it work?

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned curator on TikTok, you must learn what the TikTok algorithm is and how the TikTok algorithm works for FYP. The basic purpose behind designing the algorithm is to rank entertaining, creative, and engaging content. The algorithm evaluates content based on the engagement rate content receives in the form of views, likes, comments, and shares.

In 2024, the algorithm continues to be the pulse of the platform. It determines which content should serenade users’ feeds or For You Page. Creators and business owners whose work aligns with the algorithmic approach can do something better on the platform.

Understanding TikTok’s algorithm is like learning the steps to a viral dance. It’s all about rhythms and responses. Creators who align their content with the algorithmic beats can bring the potential for their content to hit the FYP. Aligning with the algorithmic tune means capturing the spotlight in the vast theater of TikTok.

What the TikTok algorithm does not show on the FYP?

The TikTok algorithm works to provide users with an engaging and highly personalized experience. However, there are certain types of content that the algorithm intentionally restricts to display on the users’ For You Page. Here is what typically the algorithm does not show on the FYP of its users:

  • Irrelevant content: If the content does not match with users’ behavior or if they don’t like to interact with similar content, it may not appear on your FYP.
  • Repeated content: Content that shows extreme similarity with the ones users have already experienced may be removed from users’ FYP.
  • Low-quality content: Poorly created content with little or no engagement may not have the chance to appear on users’ FYP.
  • Spammy content: TikTok’s algorithm strictly prohibits content that seems spammy content or that may seem manipulative.
  • Content violating community guidelines: If you are sharing content that breaches TikTok’s community guidelines, it will be eliminated from the users’ For You Page. Usually, the content that goes against community guidelines may include hate speech, misinformation, or other harmful ideas.

There may be some other reasons that discourage your content from appearing on the For You Page. To become a safe and influential profile on TikTok, you need to learn the content creation and sharing guidelines properly proposed by TikTok authorities.

Top hacks to working with TikTok’s algorithm to go viral

We’ve got initial steps into the understanding and learning of how the TikTok algorithm works. Now is the time to create posts that the algorithm will love and promote across the channel:

      Sustain an active presence

Being an active profile is a key to getting noticed by the algorithm. Ensure that you upload content regularly on the platform. However, note that quality is also important over quantity. If you are unable to log in daily to upload content, take advantage of TikTok post scheduling feature.

        Share short videos

The TikTok algorithm rewards the videos that are being watched from start to end by the users. These are basically short videos, capturing the attention of users. The best recommendation is to create a video under 60 seconds to maximize engagement. To create short videos, TikTok editing features can be helpful tools, helping you create the exact content you are desiring for.

Leverage the trending effects

To give an extra flair to your content, try out some of the trending effects that people love to watch. TikTok offers a variety of effects to choose from. You must choose the one that suits your presence and is trending among your targeted audience. It will help you attract more followers on TikTok, expanding your reach and community.

Post content at the right time

Social media marketing experts come up with ideas for the best time to post on TikTok. These schedules may vary depending on your targeted demographics. You must measure and select the best time when more of your audience becomes active and shows interactions.

Initial seconds count

Marketing professionals suggest that the initial seconds of your content are crucial. These initial seconds make people’s minds whether they should watch or leave your content. Ensure that the initial seconds’ content is compelling enough that it keeps the audience engaged throughout the content.

Try new TikTok features

Incorporating new TikTok features helps you keep your content in trend. As people always love to watch new ideas on TikTok, so trying new features can help you get TikTok videos featured on the for you page.

Perform TikTok challenges

People love to watch their favorite celebs and even other users complete specific challenges on TikTok. This is the reason, the content involved in performing challenges is on the top of the users’ For You Page. Perform challenges and create videos in a way that grabs the attention of users, keeping them engaged throughout the challenge.

Stay relevant to your niche

Always show relevancy in your content. For example, if your channel is about beauty tips and products, ensure that you offer a comprehensive guide and product reviews that can help people make the right decision. Similarly whatever the niche you choose, stay relevant to your ideas, increasing your channel’s credibility on the platform.

Use proper keywords and hashtags

Using proper keywords are hashtags is highly recommended while uploading your content on TikTok. Make fine research to find out the relevant keywords and hashtags. Then use them properly and avoid stuffing. It will help you appear in the top relevant searches, increasing TikTok auto likes and other engagement.

Engage with your audience

If you want to get noticed by the TikTok algorithm and appear on the top of the For You Page, keep engaging with your audience. The more you show interactions, the more you are marked as an active profile on TikTok. For this purpose, reply to your audience through comments and messages, go live with them, post consistently, and allow them to share their feedback.


TikTok algorithm is a powerful tool that works to skyrocket the content of creators who really deserve to get a higher rank on the platform. It is designed to restrict inappropriate content from users’ FYP and promote the more relevant content that they love to watch. The given practices will surely help creators overcome the algorithmic approach. For further assistance regarding the TikTik success journey, stay connected with us. Best wishes for your TikTok viral journey!

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