ark: survival evolved (2017) game icons banners

ark: survival evolved (2017) game icons banners

ark: survival evolved (2017) game icons banners aren’t just decoration! Explore the deep world of ARK’s visual identity system, where icons represent player personalities and tribe banners become a potent tool for communication,


In the unforgiving wilderness of ARK: Survival Evolved (2017), where towering dinosaurs stalk the land and primal dangers lurk around every corner, survival hinges on more than just crafting spears and taming ferocious beasts. It’s about building a community, forging alliances, and establishing your dominance in a world teeming with both treacherous foes and potential allies. In this fight for survival, a tribe’s visual identity – its icons and banners – becomes a potent tool for communication, intimidation, and fostering a sense of belonging.

The Significance of Icons in ARK

Within the UI of ARK: Survival Evolved, players encounter icons constantly. These small, yet crucial, visual elements serve a multitude of purposes. They represent players, creatures, resources, and various in-game mechanics. But beyond their functional role, icons act as a form of self-expression for individual players. By customizing the colors and patterns within the allotted design space, players can craft a unique icon that reflects their personality, preferred playstyle, or allegiance to a specific tribe.

Imagine a lone survivor, a cunning hunter who thrives by taming the island’s elusive raptors. Their icon might be dominated by a crimson red, symbolizing the thrill of the hunt and the dangers they face. Conversely, a player focused on taming herbivores for resource gathering might choose calming greens and browns, reflecting their peaceful approach to survival. These personalized icons become a calling card in the ARK world, offering a glimpse into a player’s character even before any interaction takes place.

The Power of Banners in ARK

Banners in ARK: Survival Evolved transcend mere decoration. They are a tribe’s flag, a visual representation of its values, and a potent symbol of its achievements. Unlike the personalized player icons, tribe banners offer a much larger canvas for artistic expression. Players can unleash their creativity, crafting intricate designs that incorporate symbols, imagery, and color schemes that resonate with their tribe’s identity.

A tribe known for its prowess in taming Tyrannosaur Rex might craft a banner dominated by the silhouette of the king lizard itself, its jaws agape in a fearsome roar. Alternatively, a tribe focused on building and resource management could choose a design that incorporates intricate gears or sturdy stone structures. These banners become a visual language, instantly communicating a tribe’s strengths and specialties to others who encounter them within the ARK world.

The Practical Applications of Banners

Beyond their symbolic power, tribe banners hold significant practical value in the harsh realities of ARK’s world. They can be used to mark claimed territory, serving as a warning to rival tribes to stay clear. Strategically placed banners can also act as waypoints, guiding tribe members to important locations like resource stockpiles, crafting stations, or hidden outposts. In a world where trust is scarce and danger lurks around every bend, a well-placed banner can mean the difference between a safe haven and a deadly ambush.

Furthermore, banners can be used to signal specific messages to other tribes. A banner depicting a raised spear might be a declaration of war, while an image of a hand extended in peace could be an invitation for trade or alliance negotiations. This visual communication system allows tribes to interact with each other without needing to resort to violence, fostering a sense of community and diplomacy within the ARK world.

Tools and Techniques for Banner Design

The banner design system in ARK: Survival Evolved offers a surprising amount of depth for players who wish to unleash their inner artist. Players have access to a variety of shapes, colors, and symbols that can be combined to create unique and meaningful designs. While some players might choose a simplistic approach, utilizing bold colors and basic shapes for maximum impact, others delve into intricate details, crafting elaborate banners that showcase their artistic talents.

Many online communities and forums dedicated to ARK: Survival Evolved have sprung up, with players sharing their banner designs and offering tips and tricks for aspiring banner creators. Tutorials abound, detailing effective color combinations, the symbolic meaning of various shapes, and strategies for creating a visually striking design that will resonate with other players. This collaborative spirit fosters a sense of community within the game, as players learn from each other and push the boundaries of banner design.

Choosing the Right Palette for Your Banner

Color plays a vital role in effective banner design within ARK: Survival Evolved. Different colors evoke distinct emotions and can be used to communicate a specific message. Bold reds and oranges can signal aggression and a willingness to fight while calming blues and greens might suggest a more peaceful and diplomatic approach. Players can leverage this psychology of color to craft a banner that accurately reflects their tribe’s values and sends a clear message to those who see it.

Earning Exclusive Banners Through Achievements

The world of ARK: Survival Evolved offers more than just the standard set of banner design tools. Players who truly wish to stand out can strive to earn exclusive banners that are not readily available to everyone. These rare banners are often tied to significant in-game achievements, rewarding players for overcoming difficult challenges or participating in special events.

Imagine a tribe that successfully tames a mythical creature like a Griffin or a Phoenix. As a reward for this extraordinary feat, they might be granted a banner emblazoned with the majestic image of their prized companion. These exclusive banners serve as a badge of honor, a testament to a tribe’s skill and determination. They inspire awe and respect from other players, solidifying the holder’s position as a force to be reckoned with in the ARK world.

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Preserving Identity Through Banners

Banners in ARK: Survival Evolved hold the potential to transcend the lifespan of a single tribe. In a game where player-built structures can crumble and resources can be depleted, a well-designed banner can leave a lasting legacy.

Imagine a tribe that carves a dominant path through the ARK world, establishing themselves as a powerhouse. Their banner, emblazoned with a symbol of their might, becomes instantly recognizable. Even if the original tribe disbands, their banner might continue to be used by future players who find it, serving as a reminder of the tribe’s past glory and inspiring a new generation of survivors.

This ability of banners to transcend time and circumstance adds a layer of depth and intrigue to the world of ARK. It encourages players to consider the legacy they want to leave behind, crafting a banner that will not only strike fear or inspire awe in the present but also hold significance for future inhabitants of the ARK.

Using Banners for Psychological Warfare

The harsh realities of ARK: Survival Evoked necessitate a certain ruthlessness for survival. In this dog-eat-dog world, tribes often resort to psychological warfare to gain an edge over their rivals. Banners can be a powerful tool in this arsenal.

A tribe known for its brutality might craft a banner depicting a scene of carnage, featuring the mangled corpses of their enemies. This gruesome imagery serves as a stark warning to other tribes, showcasing the consequences of crossing paths with such a ruthless force. Conversely, a tribe focused on deception might utilize illusory imagery on their banners, creating a sense of confusion and uncertainty among their opponents.

By understanding the psychological impact of visual imagery, tribes can leverage their banners to intimidate their foes and gain a strategic advantage in the fight for survival.

Using Banners for Communication and Diplomacy

While ARK: Survival Evolved is a world fraught with danger, there is also room for cooperation and alliance building. Banners can be used as a force for good, fostering communication and diplomacy between tribes.

Imagine two tribes locked in a stalemate, wary of each other’s intentions. One tribe, seeking to establish a peaceful coexistence, might raise a banner depicting an open hand extended in greeting. This universal symbol of peace could spark negotiations and lead to a mutually beneficial alliance.

Banners can also be used to signal distress or request aid. A tribe under siege from a larger force might raise a banner depicting a figure in peril, a desperate plea for help from any who may see it. This visual cry for assistance could attract allies or even spark the intervention of neutral parties seeking to maintain order within the ARK world.

How Banners Reflect a Tribe’s Growth

As a tribe progresses through ark: survival evolved (2017) game icons banners, overcoming challenges and acquiring new resources, their banner can evolve alongside them. What began as a simple design might become more intricate and detailed over time, reflecting the tribe’s growing experience and accomplishments.

Imagine a tribe that starts with a basic banner depicting a lone spear. As they tame their first dinosaur, perhaps a mighty Triceratops, they might update their banner to incorporate the image of their new companion. This ongoing process of banner modification serves as a visual chronicle of a tribe’s journey, showcasing their achievements and documenting their evolution within the ARK world.

This ability for banners to adapt and change over time adds another layer of depth to the game’s player expression system. It allows tribes to visually represent their growth and solidify their identity within the ever-evolving ecosystem of ARK.

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