LED Note Board Review: The Future of Memos?

If you’re looking to spruce up your space with something that’s both functional and stylish, we think you might be interested in the qooarker LED Note Board. It’s not just an ordinary message board; this one lights up and comes with colorful pens, adding a vibrant touch to any room.

The board’s lighting feature really sets it apart, creating a glowing backdrop for your reminders, menus, or messages. It’s versatile too, finding its place anywhere from a cozy kitchen to a bustling restaurant counter.

We noticed that this LED Note Board could be an interesting addition to daily planning rituals or as a means to leave eye-catching notes for colleagues or family. The included stand allows for easy placement and viewing, which users find convenient. Even though cleaning the board can potentially require some effort, its reusability and durability have been mentioned as positive attributes.

Bottom Line

The qooarker LED Note Board is an eye-catching choice for anyone looking to brighten their note-taking or messaging.

Its colorful writing options and standout display make it an enchanting fixture for many settings.

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Overview of the LED Note Board with Colors

When evaluating the qooarker LED Note Board, it’s evident that it finds its niche both in functionality and aesthetic appeal. Its clear acrylic surface illuminated by a colorful LED backlight offers a modern twist on the traditional dry erase board. Measuring a neat 11.8″ x 7.9″, it serves well for jotting down swift notes or playful messages in various settings like offices or homes.

One can’t help but appreciate its versatility. Beyond being a scribble pad, it’s a daily planning tool, and with the seven included color pens, the act of writing becomes more engaging. The angle-adjustable stand is a thoughtful addition, allowing for optimal viewing angles, while its ease of cleaning promises repeated use without the usual fuss.

However, it isn’t without its faults. Users have pointed out that removing the writing requires more effort than standard dry-erase surfaces, which might be a turn-off for some. Despite this, its unique charm and functional artistry cannot go unnoticed, especially for those seeking to inject a bit of vibrancy into their note-taking or message-leaving experience.

Clear Acrylic Design

When we look at the clear acrylic design of this LED note board, its fashion-forward appearance is immediately noticeable. It delivers not just functionality, but also an aesthetic appeal for various environments, be it at home, in the office, or in a commercial setting. The transparent material coupled with the backlit feature allows for vibrant messages that stand out.

However, the glossy surface that adds to its charm also means it’s more prone to fingerprints and smudges. Regular maintenance is required to keep its transparent appearance pristine, which could be a consideration for those with busy spaces. Its sturdy construction and sleek profile are plusses, but we also have to bear in mind its size for space planning.

The acrylic design promises durability and a modern touch to traditional message boards. We find that this blend of form and function makes it a trendy choice, especially with the addition of color through the pens provided. It’s a feature that’s as much about communication as it is about presentation.

Daily Plan Helper Feature

In evaluating the practicality of this LED note board, the Daily Plan Helper stands out as an efficient feature for organizing one’s day-to-day activities. It allows users to jot down work or study plans, to-do lists, or even leave messages for family and colleagues. We find it particularly useful due to the visibility it offers through the use of different colored pens, ensuring that reminders catch the eye.

However, there are certain downsides. While the idea of a light-up board is appealing, it may not be necessary for all environments or could even be distracting in a dimly lit room. The dependency on specific pens also means users have to keep them in stock.

Despite these points, the Daily Plan Helper feature generally adds a touch of vibrancy and fun to mundane tasks, though its practicality could be debated depending on individual user preferences and the setting in which the board is used.

Unique Decorative Lighting

In today’s market, it’s rare we come across a product that truly blends functionality with aesthetic appeal, but the acrylic drawing board manages to do just that. We find its sleek acrylic surface not only serves as a practical dry erase board but also doubles as a decorative lighting piece. Its LED feature transforms any standard note into a vibrant display, catching the eye with a spectrum of colors from the included pens. This versatility makes it a standout in both home and professional spaces.

However, not everything about this product is about flashiness. We appreciate its thoughtful design, such as the angle-adjustable stand that caters to various viewing preferences and the ease of cleaning that promises repeated use without hassle. While it may serve as an imaginative gift for kids, interestingly, it assumes a multifunctional role in commercial settings too, like bars and restaurants, where it can announce daily specials with a glow that’s hard to miss.

Our takeaway is mixed; for those seeking a unique method to display messages or plans, the Qooarker LED Note Board might be a fitting choice. But for others, the product’s novelty may wear off, pushing them towards more traditional and less conspicuous options.

Glowing Menu Display Utility

In the hospitality and retail sectors, visibility is key, and the product shines in this regard—quite literally. Featuring an illuminating acrylic surface, it lights up written content, making it a standout for menus, offers, and messages. The glowing effect serves not just to attract attention but also enhances legibility in dimly lit environments like bars and restaurants.

While the board is a sleek addition to any countertop, there is a trade-off in terms of maintenance. Based on customer feedback, fingerprints and smudges can be an issue, requiring a bit more effort to keep clean. Nevertheless, the inclusion of colorful pens encourages creativity and interaction—a compelling feature for businesses looking to connect with their clientele.

The utility of this product goes beyond its primary function; it doubles as a decorative feature. However, cleaning the board can be challenging. It demands a firm hand to erase the writing thoroughly, which might be a slight inconvenience compared to traditional dry-erase boards. Thus, while the glowing menu display adds a modern touch and interactive element to any setting, it comes with considerations for upkeep.

Eco-Friendliness and Reusability

When considering the environment, the qooarker LED Note Board stands out for its reusability. Traditional paper-based note systems contribute to ongoing waste, but this LED board can be used time and again, eliminating the need for paper replacements. The acrylic surface is smooth and designed for long-term use, and with the inclusion of seven color pens, users can write, erase, and rewrite without the necessity of purchasing additional writing tools.

We appreciate the sustainability angle; once you’ve jotted down your messages or drawings and they’ve served their purpose, simply erasing the board with a microfiber or damp cloth will suffice for it to be good as new. This process makes the qooarker LED board a reliable choice for those of us seeking to reduce our environmental footprint, specifically within office, school, or home settings where communication is frequent and dynamic.

Pros and Cons


Here is a breakdown of the advantages:

  • Versatile Functionality: The board is beneficial for a variety of settings, such as offices, schools, or homes, and can be used effectively as a daily planner or a vibrant message board.
  • Engaging Design: It features an LED backlight that adds an eye-catching element to your messages or notes, enhancing visibility.
  • Ease of Use: With the inclusion of 7 colorful pens, users have the creative freedom to write and draw, plus the angled stand enhances viewing and writing comfort.
  • Eco-friendly and Reusable: The writing surface of the board is designed for repeated use, ensuring that messages can be updated with ease and the board can stay clear of permanent marks using a simple wipe.


On the flip side, here are a few drawbacks:

  • Maintenance: The surfaces are prone to fingerprints and smudges, requiring frequent cleaning to maintain a pristine look.
  • Cleaning Difficulty: Unlike traditional dry-erase boards, ink can be tough to remove from this LED board, which might require more effort and pressure when wiping.
  • Limited Reviews: With a low number of total reviews, it’s more challenging to gauge long-term durability and user satisfaction across a broader audience.

Customer Reviews

When we delve into the feedback from purchasers of the qooarker LED Note Board, it’s clear that the board has made a positive impression for various uses. Some users appreciate its functionality, highlighting its effectiveness in communicating messages. Unfortunately, there are concerns about the visibility of fingerprints and smudges, which can detract from its sleek appearance.

On the positive side, the unique, eye-catching design is noted for adding an element of whimsy to office environments. Yet, not everything is about aesthetics, as some feedback points to the practicality of erasing the board. Unlike traditional dry-erase surfaces, users mention that removing the ink from this LED board requires a bit more elbow grease.

The overall consensus points to a high satisfaction rate, mirrored in the product’s strong average rating. Despite minor critiques, this item seems to offer a blend of form and function that resonates well with its users.


In assessing the qooarker LED Note Board, we find it stands out for its unique ability to illuminate messages, making it a visually appealing addition to any office or home space. The novelty of the colored lighting options adds a touch of whimsy that can enhance communication in a more creative way. While it’s commendable for the clarity it brings to displayed messages, especially in dimly lit environments, there is a note of caution: maintaining its pristine appearance requires regular cleaning due to fingerprints and smudges.

Although it comes with the convenience of erasable markers, users may find the erasing process a bit more demanding compared to traditional whiteboards. It demands a bit more elbow grease to remove the ink completely. This extra effort could be a minor inconvenience for those looking for a quick and easy to maintain board. When it comes to usability, this is a key consideration.

Overall, with a solid rating, the qooarker LED Note Board shines in its niche of eye-catching display boards. It’s a creative tool that has its advantages, but it does ask for a commitment to upkeep. Those interested in integrating a distinctive and engaging method of note-taking or messaging in their daily routine will likely find value in this product, despite its few shortcomings.


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